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[[This is a roleplay and ask blog for Splendorman.

Splendorman is not an OC. I'm not entirely sure if he counts as a canon character either, but someone made a video featuring him. As a parody of canon, I'd say he falls somewhere between fanon and canon.

Info about my interpretation of Splendorman is in the Information page.]]

[[OKAY so this blog PROBABLY won’t see any action ever again.

I’m leaving it here as an archive because I kind of like what came out of it.

Message me at my personal blog if you want to talk to me.]]

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Eric paused for a moment and pondered the compliment. Had anyone called him beautiful before? Had he even called him beautiful? He’d never considered himself such. He was as good looking as one could be, he supposed, with terrifyingly long limbs and a lack of face. 

He rubbed his cheek and looked at Ernie, looking like nothing less than a confused puppy. 

"It’s nothing special. maybe I’ll grow it out one day just to show you," he offered, letting his hand fall down to fiddle with his tie, which felt just a smidge too far to the left. 

Ernie walked over to Eric and undid his tie, trying to move his hands so that his white hand was more visible than his black one.  After glancing up as if it was his job to fix Eric’s tie, he slid it back under Eric’s collar and retied it.

"You don’t have to do that," he said, with a small smile.  "Don’t compromise your scariness on my account."

Hey followers

So I’m trying to get back into RPing.  Over the past few months (almost) all my RP partners have slowly gone inactive, for reasons of their own.  Some are busy with real life, some have moved on to new muses, some just lost interest in my characters, and some never really showed any interest in plotting with me in the first place.

I’m scared to go into people’s ask boxes and ask to be their new RPing best friend, not because I think I’m no good (anyone who’s been following THIS blog since it first started should know I think very highly of my writing and character design) but because I realize you can only have so many plot buddies at a time.  A person can only juggle so many arcs.  People who aren’t me can only have so many close friends.  I realize that sometimes when you get close to someone, you don’t have any interest in getting close to someone else.  I already made the mistake of trying to force that kind of relationship with one person already and I don’t want to do that again.

So.  If you are lacking in friends you want to plot with, my Skype is tedd.sutcliffe.  Add me.  We will make plot happen.

This applies to people I’m already doing threads with, people who already have my Skype, people I’ve already talked to… anyone I’m not currently plotting with.

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is anyone really happy with their nose

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Oxfordshire, England


Oxfordshire, England

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